A New Adventure

Christmas Kylie

Merry Christmas Smile ^_^

I still clearly recall it, as it was on one of my Saturday morning walks down Coromandel Valley, where I was to meet my parents at the local Bakery. I’m still working towards doing a 22km half-marathon you see – not that I’ve been doing crash-hot at it of late – but between 9-6km is still an okay average I think.
Anyway – it was one of those early morning walks that I found myself standing in front of a house for sale, a sweet little two bedroom house, tucked away on Main Road.
I thought to myself, “Wow, it would be really nice to get a house like this…”
And I mentioned the house to my parents at the Bakery.
On the way home, we stopped by the house and my Dad agreed that it was a really lovely house.
That – that moment – of us three standing admiring that little house on Main Road, several months ago was the beginning of an adventure that took myself and my parents across the hills, down to Meadows, Mt. Barker, and across the Suburbs. I learnt much about building houses, prices of blocks, the different prices of houses in different suburbs – the difference a single room could make, or a few meters on a block.
Eventually – eventually – I found a house that ticked most of the boxes on our list.
However, I had no clue of what that comes after you find a house you like – the whole, you know, BUYING a house deal is complicated, it deals with far more people I ever imagined, and I do not ever suggest doing it over the Christmas/New Years period.
My childhood idea of what buying a house entails is utterly, utterly shattered. I think…does this make me an adult now?
I cannot even begin to explain the height of emotions the past three weeks have taken me through. It has been an utter roller-coaster.


I have a house.
Part of me is still standing in front of that house-for-sale on Main Road, looking up at it, dreaming of the future and I can’t quite believe the future has actually happened. I have been dreaming on this for a very, very long time. My life has felt like it has been standing still, really since 2009, for nine years, I’ve had this sensation that I’ve been stuck in the mud, while everyone moves on around me; which I know isn’t true, but its an eerie illusion.
I would just keep repeating to myself, “This season will change.”

Sure, over the past nine years I’ve come away with regrets that I didn’t take opportunities to shift the time-stream, but, we all walk our paths to the beat of our chosen drum. Mine just happens to be a rather slow beat. I also don’t think we can live in regret – it’s a terrible way to live.

I am really looking forward to this new adventure.
It isn’t going to be easy. Figuring out how to publish my books while, well, paying off a house, bills, car and all those, you know, ‘life’ things, is going to be an interesting endeavour but I’m rather looking forward to the challenge.
I have just been strictly told not to starve myself…(seriously, that won’t be a problem. *I grumble, knowing I’ve gained, something like 5kg over Christmas, or something awful like that! Gah, gah!!)

For my dear Readers – know that I will still very much be writing books and aiming to publish them! I’m serious when I say, the best thing you can do right now, is shove my book at as many people and spread the word – even reviews on Goodreads and Amazon would help at the moment, anything – anything at all to boost sales so I can get the funds to publish Book 3. Crazy heh, but your money goes directly back into funding books. Whoop!

2017 opened with me having moved back in with my parents and I honestly expected to spend several years with them. I am so grateful, so relieved, so happy to be starting 2018 with a fresh new chapter.

Let’s see where this new chapter of this book of life takes me.


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