A little bit of this…a little bit of that…

I haven’t been very well this week – I thought – perhaps, when I woke up this morning I might be alright, but, after pottering around cleaning a bit, it appears I’m still utterly exhausted.

I’m also finding myself in a bit of a lull with my writing – I’m still writing, I’ve written over 20,000 words just this week alone, but I question why? I felt recently that my dreams of becoming a traditionally published author were shattered due to choices I made almost ten years ago, and I’m still reeling a bit from that.
I want to bring stories and adventures to people, but I have no idea how anymore.
I am, frankly, feeling very, very lost.

It’s okay, though, everyone get’s lost on their journey, and I’m sure I’ll stumble my way forward again.

On the positive, my house is wonderful! Have I told you about my incredible, wonderful, amazing house?  No? Well. It’s beautiful! It’s my dream house. It’s cute, it’s adorable, and it’s perfect for a daydreaming author like me.

I have to gradually do it up, gradually save up money to fund little projects, but that’s the fun of it, right?

Over the past two weeks I’ve been doing some arts and crafts. I thought I’d share some of them with you.


My garden as a lot of beautiful hydrangea’s so I am sort of going for a hydrangea theme. This is the beginning of a sign I’m hanging out the front of the house to direct people to the door, as my door faces a reserve and not the street. It’s a bit unusual.


It’s almost finished. Just needs a varnish, hooks and a chain. I have contemplated a lot the last few weeks about how much I really, really need to own a drill. ^_^


Hopefully I will be collecting my cat, Aislinn, this afternoon. Originally we had decided to let her remain at my parents house – but I’ve been getting very lonely, and was going to buy a new indoor cat – upon hearing this, my Dad thought that I may as well try to keep Aislinn inside as an indoor cat since she is getting so old and just sleeps all the time anyway. So, we’re going to give that a go. Thus, I made this adorable sign for the front porch.


See those three frogs in the front – I found them in the garden. They’re pretty adorable, but they’re also old, in need of a good paint – and they’re red – why are they red? So confused…red frogs…anyway…I repainted them.


They turned out very adorable. Makes me wish I could do more painting of figures. It’s a lot of fun.

And that is what I have been up to as I distract myself from pain. Painting is always fun. ^_^

Hope you’re all well!



7 thoughts on “A little bit of this…a little bit of that…

  1. Sophie Heartfield says:

    I hope you feel better soon. Don’t worry about you little bump in the road with your writing. I found the love for writting a few years ago and have a few stories on the go, but they barely make a few pages or so (i think). I’ve written in ages. I love the little frogs. I’m into making mini gardens at the moment. It is lots of fun making little worlds. I am up to page 134 in ‘Key by the way’. I’m loving the world you have created. 🙂


    • AuthorKylie says:

      Hi Sophie,
      Thank you so much. I really appreciate the encouragement. ^_^ Writing seems to have its ups and downs.
      Mini gardens look like so much fun.
      I am so glad you are enjoying Key thus far. It’s really wonderful to hear that. 😀


  2. Blu says:

    Hey, sorry you were feeling down. I kinda get that. Writing has it’s ups and downs, especially when you get hyper-invested and spend almost all your free time writing the story and/or thinking about the story.

    I’m almost certain I’ll never be a “real” or successful author, but it’s so engulfing and fulfilling that I almost don’t really care. I have a few people who read the stuff as I write and even that’s been enough of an audience for me. As long as I can get by with rent and have my tidy little space to keep going I think it’ll be alright.

    Anyway, it’s great you love where you live and you’re making it your own. I think having a really personalized space helps everything in general. Those flowers are dope by the way, solid gradients on the petals.



    • AuthorKylie says:

      I think I go through these weird loops, where everything is great with writing, then, no so great. Other’s might call it writers-block maybe, but I never really stop writing, I just get very, very down about it all and mope. XD So mopey. Part of the journey I guess. You’re right though, it’s not surprising, considering all the time spent thinking/writing a story.

      I agree – I think as long as I can write my stories, bring them to those who are enjoying them, I’ll be happy and I just have to remember that. ^_^

      Finally having a place of my own is wonderful. It’s lovely to have a place to make my own. I am very glad you like the flowers, I was so worried I’d mess them up – I don’t do traditional work very often at all.

      Keep well,

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      • Sophie Heartfield says:

        Hang in there. Change direction for a while, look at from another angle or engage in another activity you enjoy. Clear you mind and body. shaper the saw. When you let go the believe that words witll come to. When i read i feel as though the characters are writing themselves, so to speak. Not that i’m a writer like you. I love your work by the way. tho i have a few stories i like to play around with sometimes. They are more introductions to characters then stories yet. Hang in there. Remember why you love to write so. 🙂


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