Recently I have been thinking a lot about loneliness.

I have been thinking about how loneliness can be knowing people, either IRL or online, but having an awful feeling that if you voiced your opinions on a topic, everyone would turn against you. So, you’re silent, all the time. Silent and lonely.

And that is just sad.

Perhaps it is just me. I don’t really know what it means to have friendships that go deep enough where there is no judgement, and you can discuss things freely without fear. I have only known fear in my friendships, fear of causing offense, fear of triggering anger and hatred, fear of causing pain. I do not know if I’d call that friendship.

All I can say is I am grateful for my family.

Sure, sometimes I feel like a complete alien amongst them, but, at least I’m their alien.

One thought on “Loneliness

  1. wanderingwithwords860704980 says:

    It is one of life’s ironies that one can bed in a crowded room and be lonely because there is no chemistry between any member in the room. On the other hand, one can be totally alone in the middle of nowhere and not be lonely.
    Is there a difference between loneliness and self consciousness? or are they one and the same?
    I read a quote the other day, ‘The devil wants you self-conscious and God wants you Jesus conscious,’ It is true, I found, when I was Jesus conscious I was confident and not fearful of what others thought. My self esteem was high. So much depends on our self-esteem. Only Jesus can heal that.


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