A decision to leave, and to find myself again…

So this isn’t a decision I’m making lightly – indeed – it is something I have been pondering about for a long time, gradually building up to and finally feeling comfortable enough to do.

I have decided to leave Twitter – to find myself in the “real world”.
Honestly, I would leave Facebook as well – but – I don’t think I’m there yet – it is a vital clog in the machine of networking with friends and family, a social tool in our bustling world – however, I am going to be using it much less.

I’ve decided that if people truly desire to get in contact with me they can email me, or text me, or ring me.

I am going to focus on the meaningful relationships outside of cyber-space.
It is time to move on from the world wide web – and yes – I get the irony of saying that here on a website – but – meh – I am an author, I gotta write somewhere into the void.

I’ve just had enough of Twitter. I’ve had enough of the online world I’ve immersed myself in, I find it lonely, sad, depressing and it builds up such negativity in my life that it does far more harm than good. I know I am not welcome there, so, why stay somewhere I am not welcome – and – no one is going to miss me and those that do, well, they know where to find me.

They can find me here, they can find my Chronicles of the Children Facebook Page, and my email address. If, eventually, I do entirely rid myself of Facebook, Youtube and Instagram – which – is my hope someday – and to just fade away back into being an author that just writes for the joy of it – then – my email will always be open, just like it always has been.


That’s been my decision.

To those of you who know me, fellow online author folk of Twitter, if you have books coming out and want me to read them and review them – please send me an email and let me know so I can buy the books when they come out.

Well, that’s it from me. I’m heading off into the real world to talk to people face to face again. Wish me luck!

Happy reading,
Happy writing,

6 thoughts on “A decision to leave, and to find myself again…

  1. wanderingwithwords860704980 says:

    Well, that is a tremendous decision. And here I am trying to enter the world of blogging, trying ti work out how to use technology for the purpose of spreading the Gospel.
    You are brave, wonderful and blessed. Go forit girl. Do what you feel is right.


    • AuthorKylie says:

      Thanks so much Nana.
      I think what you’re doing is fantastic too. It’s tremendous that you’re getting into the online world, it really broadens the horizons around us.


  2. karen j carlisle says:

    The most important thing is your mental health. So many studies show it increases negativity.
    I try to limit my time on social media – difficult when trying to engage readers and get my books known. Sigh. So, I avoid many threads. Also not easy.
    Keep in touch, and I’ll see you at Supanova, if not before?


    • AuthorKylie says:

      Thanks Karen. ^_^
      Yeah, I was pretty torn about leaving due to how connected social media is with promoting books and engaging readers but, in the end, I figured – well – the author’s of the old-days did it without the internet, I’ll figure it out as well. 😀
      Yes! Supanova in Nov, hopefully I’ll see you there. And we should catch up before too. It would be lovely to see you more often. Maybe we can catch up in the city or something sometime. ^_^


  3. JK Radke says:

    Everything you’ve written here resonates with me. It’s as if someone transcribed my thoughts from the last few years. Every bit of ourselves that we can extract from the maw of cyberspace should be done. There’s a song from Spider-Man 2 by Ana Johnsson that echoes in my ears in regards to our Digital Age: “Never have we been so many / never have we been so alone.”

    But we writers are never alone in our stories, or with kindred spirits.


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