Kylie Leane lives in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, South Australia, with her delightful pet cat Aislinn Dreamer.

Between her stints writing at the local cafe, she spends time illustrating and drawing aliens.


She was raised with a love of old classic Science Fiction thanks to her Dad and acquired a bountiful creativity thanks to her resourceful Mum.

She started writing Chronicles of the Children, focusing on the adventures of Zinkx, Shanty and Sam, when she was just ten years of age, coming up with the idea in the back seat of the car on a long family drive. Despite being dyslexic she taught herself how to write and spell through her stories.
Currently she is twenty-eight but believes that one is never too old to stop delving into the world of imagination and exploring the wonders therein.

Kylie was diagnosed with chronic pain and fatigue and now lives life day to day however she has always seen a great strength in the world of imagination and story-telling, and uses her weavings of tales and characters as a way to cope with her pain.

She wants to live her life encouraging others to use their gifts–that even though they might have their own limitations, through their imagination and their uniqueness everyone has a truly marvelous and incredible thing living within.

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