Illustration Commissions

I can do a range of illustrations from children’s cartoons, children’s books, to detailed concept design work, and front cover illustrations.
I mostly major in fantasy and science fiction – however – if you have a particular project in mind, feel free to email me, as each illustration is unique and I would just love to learn more about it.


Children’s Illustrations : $50

Concept Design –
Black & White (non-detailed) : $30
Coloured : $50

Front Cover Illustrations: $200


Examples of Work

For DA

Front Cover for ‘Lizzy’s Dragon’ by  Melissa Gijsbers for Stone Table Books.

For DA

Front Cover Illustration for ‘Hidden’ by Sif Dal for Stone Table Books

Examples of Children Illustrations




Examples of Black and White Concept Design Work.


A scene from Key: Book One of Chronicles of ChildrenCharacters from Chronicles of the Children by Kylie LeaneGallery11RemakeHazanin_KLIllustration from Key Book One

Examples of Detailed Work (both Coloured and Black and White – these tend to take longer)