Are you unique enough?

I don’t know if other author’s experience this, but it is something I think about – especially after reading a lot of Tweets by agents and publishers that talk not about an author’s books or works but the author themselves.
One agent I happened across openly admitted that they where not seeking any type of unique work, they where seeking a unique type of person, and an author had to fit a mould. Is that my problem, I don’t fit a mould?

In today’s heavily visual, heavily marketing, heavily social media focused society I’m not surprised that publishers seek author’s who have a sell-able face, but not just a sell-able face, but a sell-able identity. Somehow, at some point, I blinked – and identity became this massive, important thing. What is your identity?
Are you unique enough to be an author?
It feels like, today, you have to have some sort of incredible personal uniqueness to win an agent, or a publisher – something that makes you stand out amongst the crowd – instead of your work.
But perhaps I only see one side of the publishing industry online, I would really love to speak to publishers and agents about this – because I find it utterly fascinating.

I am pretty sure it was how I was raised that instilled in me an ethic of believing that my work spoke for me. I didn’t want to be put on a pedestal, it was my work that I wanted to share – not me. I wanted my stories, my adventures, my worlds, my characters to shine for me.

The more I write, the more books I put into print, the more I have this intense desire to fade into the background and just let my world exist for me, to let my work be my voice.

Oz Comic Con Adelaide

Oz Comic Con Adelaide wrapped up on Sunday. I’ve spent Monday in recovery mode. Just chilling. The weather right now is truly beautiful. Autumn. I love Autumn. The sky feels richer in its blue, the air crisp, and the chill of Winter is just beginning to set in. It’s lovely.

It was a wonderful weekend, and I am so grateful to everyone who came along to visit me at my booth, to all those who purchased my novel. Thank you. Thank you so much! It was such an honour. I hope the adventure you have embarked upon brings you great joy as you read it.


This year my little sister helped with bump-in.
I am immensely blessed to have such a tolerant family, who accept the craziness of my life, and just how much I enjoy what it is that I do and the geeky-culture that I immense myself in. I am sure its difficult, at times, for them to fully understand it, but they accept it and enjoy it along with me anyway.
I wouldn’t have been able to set up without Mel. So, thank you Mel for the help. It really meant a lot to me that you came along. I am SO GLAD we found that trolley and didn’t have to carry the boxes of books.


Anyone notice that our glasses match our hair colour?

It was my Dad who took the time out of his weekend to keep me company and help man-the-booth on Saturday and Sunday morning, missing church. Dad works away from Adelaide during the weeks, in Whyalla, and only has the weekends home, so as you can imagine, his weekends are rather precious, and he spent his weekend at Oz Comic Con. So, an immense thanks goes to my Dad as well.
My little sister popped in on Sunday afternoon so Dad could visit my grandparents, and she manned-the-booth during the time I did a talk with some fellow indie authors. Which went very well, I feel, and if you did attend, let me know what you thought!

Saturday morning, when Dad and I arrived early — my favourite time, because I can run around freely without a crowd — I skipped happily between all the stalls looking at all the amazing things. I don’t have a great camera on my phone anymore so uploading to social media has become difficult, hence my silence over the weekend.

It was lovely to see so much artistic stuff going on, walls you could draw on, Anime station you can scribble at happily.


I drew Sami on the Scribble Wall.

It is difficult to leave a booth that is fitted between two other booths. So all the photos I do have tend to be taken from behind my booth once the show starts.
Thankfully I had some visitors.
Deadpool dropped by. Which was awesome.


And then there was this amazingly well crafted Toothless along with incredible cosplays from How To Tame a Dragon. Seriously. Look at the work they put into everything. They could even ride Toothless. Genius.



I am always so impressed by cosplay. What people dress up as, the level of detail they’ll go into, and who they’ll come along as. It is magical, inventive, and colourful.



Half the fun of a convention is sharing a ‘street’ of the Artist Alley with wonderful, creative people who love the convention circuit just as much. I did take a photo of our ‘street’ but it blurred beyond recognition (like I said, terrible phone camera). dsc05023_zpsowaninpq

My Dad said something interesting to me while I was debating about getting an autograph. He said: “This only happens once a year (or twice, depending if I do Supanova), and it makes you happy.”
And its true. To be brutally honest, I don’t have any friends (at least here in Aussieland) in which to geek out over Anime, or Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and gaming. No one to play Dungeons and Dragons with monthly. As Karen said in our talk, ‘writing can be a very lonely job’ and sadly, I’ve just ended up a bit isolated because, one, I’m naturally introverted, and two, my health caused me to seclude myself away.
And it is only now, that I’ve matured a bit more, and learnt some techniques to cope, that I’m trying harder to get out and about — to ‘make friends’ which is *really* hard. If anyone has a magical formula for it, I’d appreciate this knowledge.

Do things that make you happy.
Go to conventions. Go for walks. Watch a movie. Read a book. Play a game.
Even the tiniest things can bring joy sometimes, in the dimmest of moments.  There can be a flower growing in your garden, a single flower, and it can bring on a smile.
Or, perhaps, this is just me. I do not know.
However, that is what I learnt from this weekend, to remember happiness is still there if I seek to find it.

Oz Comic Con – Adelaide Indie Authors

It is that time of the year again folks.
Oz Comic Con time!
Convention time!

I love convention time. I feel so at home amongst the hustle and bustle of people dressed in cosplay, the excitement that fills the air when the celebrities are at the autograph booths. I feel so happy seeing the smiling faces of those wandering the convention hall. It brings me such a great sense of joy.

I haven’t managed to branch out to the other cities of Australia yet, but someday, I hope I will – for now – my home city is truly wonderful (although, not when our power goes out.)

So this year a new layer of exciting awesomeness has been added to the fun of Oz Comic Con. I’ll be on a panel of other independent authors, on Sunday the 2nd of April at 3pm.

Adelaide Indie Authors – Open Book to Publication 

A group of five local authors will be presenting a panel on getting your story from an idea in your head to a book in your hand.

As a group we’ve all had some really fascinating experiences in editing, designing a books interior, the work that goes into cover art, and the marketing stages, as well as many other, interesting faucets that come along with the independent publishing adventure.

I would like to introduce you all to my fellow Adelaide Indie Authors.
You’ll find us all at Oz Comic Con, so feel free to drop by our booths to have a chat (and if you have a photo/or signature with Brent Spiner come and show me! Please! I don’t think I’ll get away from my table…and I just…I really, really want to meet him, so I’ll have to live through all of you.)


K E Fraser 

K E Fraser is the author of Through the Fig Tree (The Realm of the Lilies Book 1) and Water off A Dragon’s Back (The Realm of the Lilies Book 2).

Where you can find Fraser:

You’ll be able to pick up Water Off A Dragon’s Back at Oz Comic Con, which is very exciting. Yay!

Matt J Pike

Matt is the author of many fabulous books (my personal favourite being Apocalypse: Diary of a Survivor that I highly recommend as a apocalypse genre lover).

Please do check out Matt’s website:

Matt Pike

Karen J Carlisle

Karen dabbles in speculative fiction, concentrating on fantasy or steampunk – often with a touch of gaslamp or Victorian mystery. She is often found plotting fantastical, piratical or airship adventures.

To find out more about Karen’s books and all she is currently working on, do visit her website!

Karen J Carlise


Alex James

Alex runs Galexy Tales, and has published a number of books of different genres.

  To learn more about Galexy Tales, and Alex, visit his website and social media.

Galexy Tales


It is going to be a really great weekend. I can already feel it.
So if you’re coming along, do drop by and say hello. I’d love to meet you, take a photo, chat about how much you’re enjoying the convention (have you meet Brent Spiner).

And if you’re around at 3pm on Sunday, drop by the Community Stage for our panel.
I’ll try very hard to not be my usual shy self.

Cheers folks.