Update – Burnside Libcon

Can you believe it’s already July?
I can’t.
Honestly, it seems the older I get the faster time just seems to rush by. Each year’s pace quickens, and yet, nothing really changes around me. It is a very odd sensation, to feel the days roll into each other, day fading into night, and night blooming into day, at such a rapid pace, and still discovering myself in the same place I was the year before, and the year before that.
Is this truly what adult life is? I often find myself pondering…
Is this…all life is?
Anyway, before end up telling you all about my existential crisis, and trust me, I could waffle on about it, I have some exciting news to bring to the table.


On the 15th of July, at Burnside Library, here in my beautiful city of Adelaide, I shall be attending Libcon. I’ll be on a panel of other amazingly talented, wonderful and fantastic authors. It’s a real honour and privilege and I am’s really excited. (Hopefully this time I’ll actually <i>smile</i> at bit. XD Gotta learn to smile.)
It’d be wonderful to see you there, if you can come along. Libcon will be between 10AM and 4PM and I’ll be selling both KEY and PROTECTORS there. Sorry, I haven’t managed to get Orphans and Outcasts out yet.
Want to see the list of all the illustrations I have to do that book? By the end of September, well, technically SOONER, so that I can actually make the book and then order the copies, so it all arrives before Supernova in November. Gosh, I’m cutting this closer. Oh gosh, I am so worried.
Tah dah…my list.


Yeah. Bit of a list.
But I’m prepared for some late nights if I have to. I love it. I love creating these things, and I love bringing a book out. It is SO exciting to see it come together in the final stages. I just can’t wait to hold the book. *squeeee*

You can see me working on some of the illustrations on my Youtube Channel:


At the back of Orphans and Outcasts I’m also working on some comics that will be added.
These are taking awhile to do. Here are pages from a comic called ‘Trench Ealdo’ (and it connects with Book 3, because everything in my world is connected…) just to show you how it’s going. They’re not in order…by the way… 😀


Trench Ealdo Comic Page 01_01_WORDS

Trench Ealdo Comic Page 05_05_WORDS

I am also continuing to write Book 3 of Chronicles of the Children, though it is going very, very slow.
Encouragement would be welcome. I’m really struggling with it at the moment…just an immense lack of feeling like it’s worth it, really. 😦
Also writing a much shorter novel too, that has utterly NOTHING to do with the Chronicles of the Children world, that I won’t talk about until I know more about the publication possibilities, but it has been a fun endeavour to write something so very different.
So yeah, lots to do, lots to keep me busy — and I’m still having that existential crisis…funny heh.

Hope you’re all keeping well.
Thanks for all your support.

A lot of Art

So I have a lot of art to do in the next couple of months.
As in, I am going to be in front of my computer every day just doing art. That’s it. Art.
This isn’t a problem. I am really happy to be doing art, it just feels a little overwhelming to be staring at a list of illustrations I need to get done for my next novel and wondering…ah…whoops…deadline.

Did I mention DEADLINE.

Hah. Hah. Oh boy.

I should be doing art right now.
But instead I am currently writing a short novel I hope to submit to a company here in Adelaide. I’ve always wanted to write a ‘family survives a disaster’ novel and I figured this would be a great opportunity to write that one book I’ve always, really, really wanted to write. It’s only 40,000 words. I can write that in like…two weeks, but, the topic requires a lot of research.
Maybe I can get my brother-in-law to help. He’s good at research…

Anyway, where was I, ah yes, ART.

So, if you’ve ever picked up the paperback versions of KEY and Protectors you’d know they’re illustrated. I really love illustrating fantasy novels. I think it adds another dimension to the story, and it’s fun.

Right now my amazing editor and I are working on the first book in the currently titled ‘Northland Rebellion’ series that fits in between my main ‘Chronicles of the Children’ series. We’ve almost finished the editing. Very exiting.


Here is the half-title page. I’ve been a bit worried though…Jarvis is ‘another boy’ and in an industry that is increasingly looking for female protagonists I don’t know if featuring him on the first page is a good idea. I thought, maybe, to change it to one of the female characters – in which – this book has many.
But I think I’ll leave it as it is, as the title page I am working on balances things out.


I’m trying a different style for this book – different from KEY and Protectors. I wanted to go for a more painted style. I don’t know how it will print, so I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. Here is Khwaja Denvy and Ki’b. For this book – I would have to say Khwaja Denvy is the ‘protagonist’.
I actually wrote this book for Lance.
Lance was an elderly gentleman at the cafe I write at. We would talk whenever he visited, and he told me stories about his time in WWII, growing up as the son of a German father and an English mother. He marvelled me with his energy and vitality despite growing old. We laughed together, we cried together. He was the first man (other than my father) to ever call me beautiful. Every time he would see me he would tell me, ‘You are so beautiful today. Why, if I was a young man, I would marry you.’
I never got the chance to tell him how much those words meant to me. How much those words blessed me. I learnt so much from him.
His favourite character from KEY was Denvy. He considered himself to be Denvy. Lance died before I was able to show him even the draft of Orphans and Outcasts, and I’m actually a lot more emotional about it then I thought I would be, now that I’m coming up to releasing the book.
So I guess that’s why I chose to focus on Denvy as the ‘hero’. Because I saw an interesting story in telling things from the point of view of an older character, thanks to my time with Lance.
Denvy just happens to be a giant-cat alien…

Book Launch – Rosanne Hawke

Last night I was extremely honoured to be part of a book launch for Rosanne Hawke‘s two books ‘Wolfchild’ and ‘Across the Creek’ being republished by Stone Table Books.

AtC_WC BooklaunchPoster BM170331 smallcopy.jpg

It was a wonderful opportunity to be a part of a panel with Rosanne and two other illustrators, D.M Cornish (whom I’m sure many know as the author an illustrator of the Monster Blood Tattoo books — he illustrated the front cover for Wolfchild), and also Emily Bensted who did the beautiful interior illustrations for Wolfchild. Seriously, you need to see them, they’re stunning!! She is so talented.

The panel was really fun. I got my words tied up a bit, but I think, as I have more opportunities to speak, I’ll get better at not tripping over my tongue so often.

I was so honoured to do a cover for Rosanne. It felt as though I can come full circle in a way. It feels like a lifetime ago now that I was attending Tabor University as a student in Creative Writing, back then, I was just beginning to feel the effects of my fibromyalgia but we still didn’t know what was going on with my health and I was just gradually getting worse. I kept pushing on with Uni though, as best as I could.
Rosanne was one of my lecturers and we both recall the conversation in which she showed me the cover of Wolfchild and how she hoped to someday redo the book – I said something about how, someday, it would be wonderful to redo it for her.

Life went on. My health got worse and I left Uni without finishing my Creative Writing degree. It was an immensely depressing time, but I surged onward, publishing my own work and keeping on doing what was before me despite my health. Drawing, while such a HUGE passion of mine became very taxing on my body, I simply wasn’t able to keep it up to the extent that I needed to to keep up the skill level. So — it went by the wayside.

Until now. Until Stone Table Books contacted me.
I kid you not, three months before Stone Table Books contacted me I had decided to start drawing again, with great vigour, I went and got myself a little Wacom Tablet (because my big cintiq had died) to work on. My work wasn’t what I wanted it to be, I was pretty sad that I had lost a lot of skills over the years, but I was determined to get skilled again.
Then, Stone Table Books contacted me and I was just…overwhelmed.

Rosanne remembered me. She wanted me to do a cover for her!

Years of wondering why – why do you take particular roads and paths that seemingly lead nowhere. Sometimes you end up at a dead end and have to turn back. Sometimes you’re left wandering around, endlessly trapped pondering what you’re supposed to be doing.

And it is lonely when a puzzle piece falls into place than you can look back in hindsight and see where all the puzzle pieces have fallen before to lead to the finished picture before you.

Last night was so much more than a Book Launch to me. It showed me that while I feel the past ten years have been meaningless wandering — it hasn’t been — the puzzle pieces are falling into place.

So, thank you Rosanne and Stone Table Books.

Across the Creek Book.jpg


First Fiverr Gig

It was very exciting to have my first Fiverr Gig over the weekend.
I really enjoyed working with tetradmal108 on their character, it was a wonderful opportunity.


The first step – design stage. Always a lot of fun.


The final stage for the simple black and white. I am really happy with how it turned out. 

It was really refreshing working on someone else’s character, capturing their ideas and bringing it to life on paper (or computer). So, hopefully I’ll have more opportunities in the future to do so.