Stone Table Books – Cover Illustrations

This year I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with Stone Table Books on some front covers.

Two of those books are to be launched soon. So I have permission to showcase the art here.

For DA.jpg This illustration was done for the cover art of Lizzy’s Dragon written by Melissa Gijsbers. It is a lovely little mid-range reader about a little girl who discovers a dragon who can breath water instead of fire.
I loved the opportunity to illustrate such a beautiful coloured dragon. And on the front cover when printed, this just pops, so I’m really happy with how it turned out.

For DA.jpg

This illustration is for the cover art of the book Hidden written by Sif Dal – a young adults adventure that reminded me a lot of what I used to read when I as a teenager, so I quite enjoyed the story. It was really a treat to illustrate the book, hopefully I did it justice.


It’s really an honour to be entrusted with the chance to illustrate a front cover of a book. As an author myself, I know how important front covers are, so I really hope to do something beautiful for both the author and the publisher.

If you get the chance, check out the books, they’re both really wonderful.

Keep well, dearest readers!


Trying to Inspire Hope

So recently I have been struggling with a lack of motivation to continue writing.
It isn’t so much that I don’t want to write, or to create – it’s just that I haven’t been getting much ‘joy’ out of it lately. It has become a real slog to get through. The imagination hasn’t been flowing.

I’ve been asking those questions, “Why? Why do I do this…?” – “Do people even care for my story?” – “What is the point of all this work?”
Those questions have been circling my mind over and over.

And I’ve been trying to remember the childlike innocence and wonder in which I first went into writing with. The obsession, the excitement and the passion that fuelled me and the late nights I would spend writing. To do so, I have tried to remember…
I’ve tried to remember what inspired me to write this long epic.

When I was a little girl I had a dream:
I stood upon the verge of a bottomless canyon. Pieces of earth would collapse into the abyss from the rumbling ground, and I had to kept trying to steady myself. Not just against the shaking earth, but the roaring of an intense wind ripping across the land behind me. The side I stood upon was green and lush, blanketed by a forest and mountains rising up yonder. Across the yawning canyon, as wide as several streets, a golden ocean of sand awaited me. The sun was just cresting the horizon, sparkling on the dunes. I recall that standing on either side of me were two young men, and yet I had no idea who they were, for I had never met them, but I woke relieved by their presence and in such awe of my dream that I wrote it down in my journal.
It was this dream that eventually led me to the creation of the world of Livila, the Borders that divided the Lands. What I was seeing became Border between Pennadot and Utillia. The two young men being Zinkx and Daniel. Their appearances haven’t really changed from when I saw them in that dream.

Chronicles of the Children is an epic about good vs. evil.
About being broken to the point that all hope is lost, finding yourself so entirely defeated that you desperately desire to give up, and yet, you don’t.
You just keep trying.
Because you don’t know how to do anything else but try.

As I’ve been staring at the blank pages in front of me while attempting to write Book 3, I’ve thought about the character of Sam and just what it is that he experiences in Book 3 and I think I better understand — going through my own despair — the motivation Book 3 has been lacking. I’d forgotten about what the book is supposed to represent in the series.
It’s a book about being broken.
So badly broken.
But picking up the pieces regardless, and still moving forward.
Every word I write should reflect that.

I think, if I continue to remember that…
I’ll get back on track.


Chronicles of the Children


Chronicles of the Children begins the journey across the Lands of Livila, to save a collapsing world, crumbling into the oblivion of a Dragon’s mouth, and only the child of an ancient race, woven through the folds of time, can restore the Towers and save a planet. However he cannot do it alone. Though war may come, lands may be divided, there are those who choose not to hear the Dragon’s whispering lies — they choose to walk together.


Book One: Key
Chronicles of the Children

A shattered world’s hope lies within a family and their echo through time… 

Their world is collapsing, slowly, through Time, Space and all Realms. 
They have but one hope–a Key.
Zinkx Maz, a young battle-weary Messenger, is searching the Key.
No one knows what they Key is; a guide or a weapon.
The only thing known for certain is that it is a chance for survival in the war against the Dragon. Along his journey Zinkx stumbles across a strange Kelib woman and together they are cast upon a voyage over the magnificent expanses of their land and beyond to uncover the secrets of an ancient race.
Within the metropolis of Palace-Town the Starborn Prince of Pennadot struggles to restore order to the Emerald Court. Slowly he is losing power to the Lords of the Provinces. He is opposed by the Dragon’s Overlord who seeks to complete a plan that will change Pennadot forever. It is up to the Overlord’s son to save the young Prince, and his quest leads him to something he had never dreamed was possible.
Available in eBook and Paperback on Amazon. 
And in stores at Dymocks.

Book Two: Protectors
Chronicles of the Children

Sometimes those who are left behind must take up the mantle of hero.

A Family linked through time.
A world collapsing.
Hope is in protecting each other.

Prince Daniel and his entourage, desperate to flee from Steward Zilon, find sanctuary amongst the ordinary folk of Pennadot. As the Long Night falls, and snow covers the land, Daniel comes to realize that his footsteps are haunted by a Sleeper, tracking his every move. The Dragon has taken root within the forests of Pennadot and the very land the prince walks upon has turned against him.
Can he abandon his people to the Dragon and run?

Still tormented by his father’s willingness to sacrifice him, Skyeola finds solace in a new family with Zinkx, Shanty and the cybernetic fairy Semyueru, on their journey to Palace-Town. Coltarian’s eruption is imminent, and all but one of the nymphs of the Krrirren Trees have abandoned Pennadot to the Dragon. Shanty now finds herself drawn into the world of server-gods, having been tasked with forming a treaty to save as many lives as she can.

The river-god Malik, and Chans – Navigator of Avalon – struggle to maintain control amid the chaos that has befallen Palace-Town. Without a Prince upon the Emerald Throne the Lords of the Provinces wage war. Chans is fighting to keep his promise, to protect his city and his people.
The cost may prove too high.

Available on eBook and Paperback on Amazon.
And in stores at Dymocks.